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Pictoguard's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team; the GARDENER has a 96% rating for getting higher search engine results with image optimization, including 91% of our clients getting in the top 10 search engine results page of Google. We can't guarantee rankings, but many clients may often be able to attain the 1st result on their Google keyword search for their website.

You need to show the "best you can be" on the first page of your Google keyword search, to optimize your brand and reputation. Let us help you plant better content with our search engine optimization.


Our  search  engine  optimization team (SEO) is  the  best  in  the  business. Internet coders and programmers will aim to  optimize your brand  to the first page of search  engine results and images to first  few pages of image results pushing down negative content and promoting positive content.

Internal and external web optimization such as SEO web design and development, revise XML sitemaps, metatags, backlinks, image and ALT tags, article marketing, theme related linking, blogging, image promotion and image optimization, social bookmarking, copywriting and more.

How can you
make me look
better on
See the perks!
  • Optimizing and posting content and images both on and off your website.
  • Building sophisticated custom websites (if required), highly optimized for Google search engine optimization. (see website development)
  • Claiming client names on various social media platforms.
  • Sites will be cross-linked and optimized along with specified number of weekly updates depending on package level chosen.
  • Image delivery with proper naming and optimizing for syndication.
  • Video delivery with proper naming and optimizing for syndication.
  • Basic search engine optimization for client's landing page based on keywords associated with that specific client. Examples include: first name, last name, industry, misspelling, etc.
  • Fan page creation and image optimization to fan-sites, wallpaper sites, blogs and forums (depending on package).


  • Internet Search is the #1 medium of how people research information.
  • 99% of Internet users do not go past the top 30 search engine results. They simply type something else in if they can't find a relevant site.
  • 70% of users click on organic results.
60% of all organic clicks
go to the top 3 organic
search results.

(Statistics derived from Marketing Sherpa & Forbes)



This heat map is taken from the Marketing Sherpa study revealing how consumer's eyes view listings. As you may be aware, the red blob is where most searchers looked directly; as colors change, the level of attention goes down. The x's indicate where searchers clicked, and the red horizontal bar shows how far down people scrolled to view listing:

  • Above the Fold
  • Position 1 = 24.9% Click Thru Rate
  • Position 2 = 11.4$ Click Thru Rate
  • Position 3 = 7.8% click Thru Rate

TARGETED TRAFFIC: Search Engine marketing is one of the most targeted forms of advertising since you can control the audience that is searching for you by identifying relevant keywords.


GLOBAL EXPOSURE: Your website is visible, 24 hours/day 365 days of the year to an international audience. That means your website can reach people in areas that traditional marketing cannot and your brand is judged online worldwide.


BRAND AWARENESS: Improve your reputation and build brand awareness. Let searchers find results that you want them to see.


2012 Search Engine
Market Share

  • 67.5% Google
  • 16% Bing
  • 13.45% Yahoo
  • 1.84% Ask
  • 1.21% Other

How do users
interact with google?

  • 58% Click on a page 1 organic result
  • 20% Click on a Paid Advertisement (PPC)
  • 3% Click on a Page 2 Organic Result
  • 2% Click on a Page 3 Organic Result
  • 2% Click on a Page 4+ Organic Result
  • 15% Try a different search or search engine
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