How to Remove Negative Comments?



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Online reputation is crucial for numerous businesses, brands and celebrities. It doesn’t matter how great your online reputation is, you can’t avoid negative comments, images, content and reviews. They can be made by a competitor or people who can’t find a better outlet to express their feelings. In any case, removing comments and reviews that hamper your reputation as a brand, is extremely important. Removing content, personal information, negative reviews and comments, and replacing them with positive comments holds the key to your online presence and success as a brand on the web. Although the process to remove negative comments from Google is pretty frustrating, there are proper tools and experienced professionals to do the job.

We, Pictoguard are renowned for our successful online reputation management campaigns for our diverse clients. Apart from removing comments and reviews from Google, we help your brand on all other search engines. Along with creating a positive image of your brand, we do all the things that are required to create, maintain and promote your brand on the web. We help your publicity with custom advanced SEO and website designing techniques. A combination of reputation management, SEO and website design together promote a profitable and positive online reputation of our clients.

We can...
  • remove comments from blogs
  • remove name from Google Search
  • remove website from Google
  • remove links from your first page of Google
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