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So many people don't think of themselves in terms of growth, reinvestment and development. They don't spend time or energy maintaining their brand whether they are a job seeker, student applying to college, CEO or celebrity. 

In the new world of iphones and ipads you are instantly found, judged and decisions are made on what is presented on search engines.

It's a small investment that will result in an optimized path for you now and into the future.

Don't lose that opportunity, that money client, that long term cash. Make a strong impression. You'd only give someone 10 seconds. They will do the same to you.



While we do not share names of our clients for confidentiality reasons, we can share their stories.


The Newbie: A client of ours was a model who was renamed by her agency to have better Branding since her actual name was apparently too dull. Unfortunately that meant she had nothing on search engines when clients or fans searched for her new name. With a new website and 6 months of Pictoguard SEO Gardening service to optimize for images, she has reinvented herself with her new "stage name", developed fans via social media and optimized her best work to own her Google search result for her name.


Classic Branding: A Supermodel client of ours had mainly bad old images online. She felt that over the course of her career she had such fantastic work but none of it was showing up on Google; only the cheesy, inappropriately sexy or out of date images. After Reputation Management Guard removal of images from 350 websites and over 7500 images, a new upgraded Google Smart Pictoguard Website + VIP Photo Optimization Package, Pictoguard has overhauled her online image. She now is launching a perfume and a clothing label to utilize and profit from the image and branding she has so successfully developed and maintained, and continues her online image management with our maintenance service.


Grown Up Photographer: A photographer came to us wanting to remove images from his testing days in his early 20s that had bad lighting, makeup and were damaging his branding with clients. These were the only images appearing in his search results and search engines indexed none of his improved current work. After GUARD Reputation Management removals of 45 sites, a new Google Smart website and Beginner Photo Optimization (SEO) for 6 months he now shows the stunning work he has done and properly represents his current quality and scope of work to clients and colleagues. He maintains his long-term image with Maintenance.


Sexy Girl to Fashion Girl: A good working fashion model had too many ecommerce and sexy images coming up on search results for her name. This was caused by the wrong kind of fan posting sexy images and no posting of fashion or beauty images. Sexy images are the most likely to go viral. Left unattended for years these low quality images were reblogged to hundreds of websites. After Reputation Management Guard removal of images from 290 websites and over 7000 images, a new Google Smart Pictoguard Website and Advanced Photo Optimization Package Pictoguard has overhauled her online image which now shows only the best body images, and a 80% majority of fashion and beauty images. She has gone on to improve her revenue by 20% from previous years and developed new more high fashion clients with her improved, diverse online image. She keeps images updated and consistent traffic to her official site with Pictoguard's Maintenance package.


Keep Mom and Dad Happy: A successful male model came to us distressed that his Mom and Dad had Googled him and his nude images were on gay porn sites. Although he has respectable work published in many top fashion magazines, content taken our of context meant that these images were no longer seen as art and now seen inappropriate and too visible to the public. Because these images had been left unmanaged they had gone viral on dozens of sites. Pictoguard removed 87 websites that included over 1200 images using GUARD Reputation Management. A custom Google Smart Website and Beginner Photo Optimization (SEO) for 6 months means he now shows the best work he has done and properly represents top model reputation on appropriate websites. Most of all, mom and dad and the rest of the family can be proud of him.


Reinvention: A regular working model that had reached her 30s, was now thinking of exploring her next career. Although still modeling she had focused on her new holistic health business but topless images and nipple tassles coming up as her search results were not benefiting her image. She could not be taken seriously in her new industry. After GUARD Reputation Management removals of 120 sites, recoding of her existing website and Beginner Photo Optimization (SEO) for 6 months she now shows beautiful, respectable work to her existing modeling clients and additionally to her new healthcare clients to see her healthy online image. She maintains her online image with Maintenance to continue posting positive images and remove any negative content that may pop up.


The Blog Post Removal: A businessman was mentioned in a slanderous blog post of an old colleague who he was no longer involved with. As a sole proprietor, his online image is valuable to him and any negative content could jeopardize potential deals and income. Pictoguard Reputation Management removed the blog post in under a month and the result no longer affects his name and credibility.











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