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Don’t Be Part of the Internet Sludge

As remarkable and amazing as the internet is a great deal of it is simply useless, counterproductive and artificial. Being able to promote your brand or yourself online is truly a game changer. Imagine how envious celebrities and brands from decades ago would be if they knew that with a simple upload, you could reach hundreds of thousands, if not m...

Remove Name from Google Search and Maintain Your Good Reputation with Services of Pictoguard

Do you want to correct your negative reputation on the internet? Are you not satisfied with the results you got when you Google your name? Google search results might be showing some negative lists of comments and bad reviews about you or your business. Such kind of reviews may not be true, but you may lose your reputation and many of your customer...

Is Your Teenagers Image on Google Ruining Their Education & Employment Opportunities?

No human being is immune to the juvenile antics experienced during the teenage years. Ah - the teenage years… beer bongs, wild parties, childish pranks, even some girls gone wild moments. Yes, those may be some of the most embarrassing years in a persons life that we as adults intentionally suppress deep down in our memory banks to avoid sla...

How to Remove Personal Information from Google

Are you looking for a way to remove your personal information from Google? You may not want to share your personal activities, information and images with your competitors or customers. But it can be really tough for you to remove your embarrassing messages, photos and videos from Google on your own. So, you must be concerned about how to remove pi...

Fix Your Reputation On Google With Pictoguard

Have your ever checked on Google what it says about you? Are you satisfied with the results you get when you Google your name? The results might be showing some bad comments and reviews about you or your business. These reviews may not be true, but you may lose many of your customers due to these reviews. There might be some inappropriate or porn i...
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