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Pictoguard Helps You To Successfully Remove Pictures From Google

The negative pictures related to you or your business may show up easily in result pages of Google. These pictures can be of your arrest records, drunk driving or newspaper photos which can harm your reputation on the web. If you have such negative pictures on Google, Pictoguard can help you in this regard. The Pictoguard team works with full dedic...

Pictoguard - Securing Your Online Reputation On The Web

When a name is searched on Google and it returns negative reviews, blog comments or images, it can harm a person’s reputation and hamper their professional growth. The search engines present one’s image to the vast number of people who use the internet and the online reputation affects individuals, brands, as well as the growth of the b...

Reputation Management for Google Image Search Results

There can be many possible ways that your negative picture may show up in Google images. Arrest records, newspaper photos, infringement of copyright, drunk driving are some of the ways that your pictures are available to the whole wide world. Negative Google image results harm your reputation and keep you away from getting a job, running for a poli...

The Most Efficient Way to Remove Photos from Google

No matter where you live or what kind of a profession you are in, these days it is very important for you to pay attention to your online reputation. If you are an employee, you need to make sure that when your boss searches for you on the internet, he doesn’t find anything embarrassing. The same goes for the situation when you are looking fo...


Are you happy with your online search results about yourself? Want to clean up you Google Image feed? We can help you take total control of your self image and online brand with PictoGuard. Take out bad content, and replace it with new and fresh images of your professional self. Show the online world the real you; The you that you’re com...
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