Be Aware of What Others Can Find Out About You

The internet age is certainly unique in that, in the past, when someone wanted to "snoop", they would have to go through the person’s mail, or go through their medicine cabinet. The internet, with all of its benefits including access to research and an explosion of valuable information, has its downfalls, too. A simple Google search of someon...

Instyle Magazine Writes Praises for Pictoguard's Online Image Removal Service

Instyle Magazine Writes Praises for Pictoguard's Online Image Removal Service. For more details please follow this link ...

Take Control of Your Internet Reputation

Job hunting? Did you know that employers can simply Google your name and find out amazingly specific details about you? There might be something on the internet right now that is stopping you from advancing in your job, or landing the job you want, and you’re not even aware of it. Old Facebook photos, old Myspace photos, photos that people ha...

How Healthy is Your Internet Presence?

Whether you’re a celebrity, a homemaker, a socialite, a student or a filmmaker, you likely have some degree of internet presence. One out of every 14 people on the planet use Facebook. It’s a social water cooler, it’s a soapbox, it’s a gathering place to share photos. Unfortunately, it’s also a place where inappropriat...
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