Taking Charge Of Your Online Presence

February 14, 2014 in New York, NY

Are you facing a decrease in sales or lowered trust in your brand or name because of negative listings on the internet? Is a disgruntled employee on a public online smear campaign against your business? If so, then our services can be beneficial to you. Pictoguard is your all in one solution if you need to remove content from Google Search.

The internet is an immensely powerful platform. It can help you get very popular and earn lots of sales, but on the same note it can become a weapon for those who want to taint someone’s reputation. Pictoguard has been in the business of online reputation correction for many years, and we know what it takes to remove content from Google search.

With our assistance you can reinvent your reputation, which can help you acquire more business and sales opportunities. If you have run into some troubling circumstances that have lead to negative comments being written about your company or you online, then you need to contact us. Although it takes some time and happens gradually, our Google maestros can help suppress these listings and replace them with more positive content about you or your business.

Our seasoned experts will work with you every step of the way to curate all negative or misleading information. We will then use sophisticated software, along with informative and positive content to help boost your reputation online. Our services include SEO, Website Design and Development, Branding, Negative Image Removal, and Promoting Positive Images. Contact us right away to find out more.


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