Hire Pictoguard For Custom Web Design NYC

February 01, 2014 in New York, NY

Pictoguard is an online firm that offers professional SEO, online reputation management and web design services. They have worked with people from all backgrounds, like celebrities, supermodels, business executives or people looking for jobs and so on. All clients need to have a good online reputation to be successful in their field of work. Just like any business, it is important for photographers to have a good reputation so that they are liked by the general public and prospective employers. Photographers are judged by the pictures that they take and how beautiful their websites look. Pictoguard has created several photo websites for photographers who were not getting enough work and increased bookings by 30 to 50%. Pictoguard is able to create smart SEO-friendly websites for all types of businesses and professionals. They also run reputation management campaigns to promote the reputation of the businesses or individuals.

The people who want to go for custom web design NYC, they can get amazing services from Pictoguard. The website designers and programmers at Pictoguard work together to build modern, professional-looking websites for the clients that help to spread their best image all across the web. They sit or phone conference with the clients to view their current ratings on all major search engines and go through the older images on social media sites, so that the clients have an overview where they rank on the internet. They plan, prepare and create kind of websites that their clients desire. The keywords, color schemes, images, everything is discussed and approved by the clients before these are used. The clients can choose the layout and fonts and show what they do and what their work is all about. For those who want to go for more details can give it an extra edge with the addition of pop-ups, videos, etc. and they can still keep it simple. Pictoguard also creates a 'recent work' section in the website it develops, so that their client's website looks new and fresh with latest details. To grab more details, visit www.pictoguard.com.


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