Is Your Website Up For the Job?

January 27, 2014 in New York, NY

Is your Website up for the Job?


All business owners should know by now that having a top notch website is essential to attracting prospective clients to your brand, product, or service. If this is news to you, then please demolish the rock you were living under so we can bring you up to speed! Having a website that is Google Coded with complete quality content, will help you win more opportunities simply because you are satisfying the queries of your audience and giving Google what they want… valuable and interesting content to serve up to users.


Yes, albeit Google has very specific algorithms to ranking websites, our expert Website Design & Development Team here at Pictoguard can increase your chances of attaining the cream of the crop positioning every website owner desires. Websites are the first impression of your brand or business and can be powerful visual tools to attract your target audience. You really have to look at your website as a silent partner with smoking hot attributes like – being visually pleasing, lightning fast page load time, SEO smart & friendly for Google to understand coding and spread the positive content from your website throughout the web. If your website isn’t captivating your subject long enough to generate interest, build credibility and most importantly trust, it’s time to dump it and invest in a new partnership that will yield the results you are looking for.


If you are serious about having the most effective impact you can online, your website has to be on point – and I’m not talking about signing up for these DIY (Do it Yourself) web projects, or having your nephew or friend’s daughter build it for you. You probably know by now through experience or association that these are the fastest ways to fail at having a strong online presence. You can have a Kick Butt Google friendly website built by an award winning Team .







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