Pictoguard Delivers Excellent Celebrity Reputation Management Services

December 22, 2013 in New York, NY

Being a celebrity means that you are always followed by media, all eyes are on you. But, some false news or misleading information often put celebrities in awkward situations, as it leads a negative impact on their reputation and image. It is essential for celebrities to pay attention towards their online reputation because whenever something happens, the news goes viral over the internet within minutes. At PictoGuard, we very well understand how difficult it is to become a celebrity and the how challenging it is to maintain one’s good reputation. Our quality celebrity reputation management services are beneficial to protect your online reputation. We implement top measures and create effective strategies to manage your reputation on the internet including on every social media platform.

To protect celebrity’s reputation, we remove unnecessary content coming up in search results of all major search engines. Our team promotes positive pictures, content and videos so that they are ranked on top in search results. Our aim is to help celebrities enjoy their celebrity status and they are seen in positive light everywhere. We work together with you to help you improve your reputation and bury the negative news and articles visible on the search engine lists. The qualities that make our services distinct from other reputation management service providers are that we remove negative images and content with the latest takedown procedures combined with services of consulting lawyers and optimization with our programmers and custom software.

At PictoGuard, our team of experienced and creative professionals assist you in celebrity reputation management tasks and you will start getting positive responses within a short time. We understand the complex internet world, and use software and tools to manage and promote clients’ online reputation. Our team replaces negative articles or comments about celebrities from the top results of major search engines. This ensures that no false or misleading information about celebrities reach out to their fans. For more details about our services, please browse through our website.


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