How to Remove Personal Information from Google

November 28, 2013 in New York, NY

Are you looking for a way to remove your personal information from Google? You may not want to share your personal activities, information and images with your competitors or customers. But it can be really tough for you to remove your embarrassing messages, photos and videos from Google on your own. So, you must be concerned about how to remove pictures from Google Images? The answer is simple. Hire the services of Pictoguard, an online reputation management company, to permanently remove your embarrassing personal information from Google.

Do you want your personal information out of Google? The process of removing the information will start from the source. Pictoguard’s team has several effective strategies to remove all types of images and content from websites, blogs and forums.

Sometimes, it is not possible to remove some content from Google. But still Pictoguard can help you to hide your content so that others are not able to see that content. They will bury the negative content below the positive content by creating some interesting and legitimate content about your business or creating pages and profiles on social websites such as Vimeo, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, etc. Now, the positive content will be shown up high in search engine result pages. People can easily see negative content if it is showing up high in the search engine results. But what if it is present on page six or seven of the search engine results? No one bothers to go up to those search results as anyone looking for information on internet, normally goes up to page two or three of search engine results.

Pictoguard will also help you remove pictures from Google permanently with Legal Takedowns. They will use their different tools and strategies to remove pictures, depending upon where the pictures are shown. To know more about Pictoguard, visit the website


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