Fix Your Reputation On Google With Pictoguard

November 22, 2013 in New York, NY

Have your ever checked on Google what it says about you? Are you satisfied with the results you get when you Google your name? The results might be showing some bad comments and reviews about you or your business. These reviews may not be true, but you may lose many of your customers due to these reviews. There might be some inappropriate or porn images which may appear in Google search results when you search for your name. Somebody with the same name might have uploaded those images, but unfortunately it will hinder your business growth. Now, there is an easy and convenient way available to protect and promote your reputation on Google. Pictoguard helps you to permanently remove pictures from Google and bury the negative content about the business with the positive one.

Hire the services of Pictoguard and create profiles on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook etc. When you have profiles on these sites, these will show up high in Google results. Write and post articles having interesting and informative content on the internet. These will start showing up in the initial pages of the search engine results. Make yourself known on the web, but how can you do it? Create your website or blog and upload positive content to it. Delete your old profiles on social media sites; remove inaccurate and old information about you and any embarrassing images of the past. These things can have a bad effect on your business. Pictoguard helps you at every step in the process of online reputation management. Contact us and we will handle all aspects with precise care.

You should Google yourself regularly to keep an update of what others say about your business and whether your reputation is being promoted or not on the web. The effectiveness of services by Pictoguard can be easily observed. To know more about online reputation management, please browse through


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