Pictoguard Utilizes Pioneering Techniques To Permanently Remove Name From Google Search

November 15, 2013 in New York, NY

Online reputation is very crucial for an individual, brand or a company and if their name is associated or is on the internet in regards to any negative information, it can have an adverse effect on their reputation. While it takes a lot of work to build a positive reputation for a business or an individual, a single blog post, a negative tweet or an unflattering picture is all that it takes to ruin that reputation. Many individuals are these days searching for ways to remove their name from Google search results to prevent further damage to one’s reputation.

Only a professional in the field can handle the intricate web world and remove every link and URL that has a person’s name in it. Pictoguard is an online reputation management company that helps clients to maintain a positive online reputation. They have a team of professional who use the latest programming methodologies and techniques to work on improving the online reputation of a client.

Just like a name, there are times when an image is forged or used on the internet to damage one's reputation. These might be older images added on social media platforms or images posted by rivals to cause harm to client’s current image. Pictoguard has years of experience in the in image removal from the internet. They have the capabilities and the resources to remove images from Google image search. Their teams of reputation management professionals use pioneering techniques and web analytics to make sure that the client’s image is permanently removed from all kinds of image search engines, web forum threads and blog posts.

The professionals at Pictoguard develop software and programs and make use of these efficient web tools to completely remove images from Google search. While the process takes time, they work hard to protect all the images of the client and keep a check on every web portal that might post new images. They also have a team of consulting lawyers that helps with matters that have copyrights for further safety. Privacy and a positive online reputation of the client is their priority and they apply the best means to guard it. To know more about the company and the services that they offer, please browse through www.pictoguard.com.


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