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August 30, 2013 in New York, NY

When a name is searched on Google and it returns negative reviews, blog comments or images, it can harm a person’s reputation and hamper their professional growth. The search engines present one’s image to the vast number of people who use the internet and the online reputation affects individuals, brands, as well as the growth of the business. Any form of negative image, be it the content or the photos cause equal damage. The question that arises here is how to delete photos from Google Images as they not only affect the individual but also affect the brand or company that they are associated with.

Pictoguard, an online reputation management company, helps its clients to achieve a tarnish-free reputation by removing photos from Google Images. With the use of the latest programs and additional help from the legal department they completely remove the photos and the links associated with it, thus preventing further damage. The online reputation of the client is also monitored all the time so that any further attempts to malign their reputation are curbed instantly.

No online management company works on how to remove images from Google image search permanently, all have been working on suppressing of the related URLs and images. How much ever they try to suppress sooner or later these images come up and tarnish the online reputation of their client. There can be any number of reasons for the inappropriate images that have been uploaded on Google it might have been done by a competitor or a rival or someone just doing it for mere enjoyment but this can cause severe damage to one’s professional as well as personal online reputation. Pictoguard makes dedicated efforts to remove the images from Google search permanently. They make use of their latest procedures and along with consultation from hired legal lawyers, they work on using customized programs and software to take down these images. Along with the images they also remove the thumbnails or the URLs that are related to the image. Using the most up to date internet practices they keep regular checks and balance the client’s reputation providing a secure network. For more details and reviews, please browse through www.pictoguard.com.


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