Reputation Management for Google Image Search Results

August 08, 2013 in New York, NY

There can be many possible ways that your negative picture may show up in Google images. Arrest records, newspaper photos, infringement of copyright, drunk driving are some of the ways that your pictures are available to the whole wide world. Negative Google image results harm your reputation and keep you away from getting a job, running for a political office or closing a sale. If you have a picture showing up in Google Images that you don't want to show, Pictoguard can help. Pictoguard’s professional teams work to remove images from Google image search. They have done this successfully for many clients, most of them were seeing their inappropriate or embarrassing photos when they searched for their name in Google. Each time, Pictoguard has been able to remove the offending images permanently so they are no longer on the internet and so that they do not show up in the top results.

With the services of Pictoguard, you need not to worry about how to remove image from Google image search. The teams offer the most comprehensive range of services and suppress or permanently remove negative images while pushing up flattering new images. They employ many tools and tricks used in web search optimization, and also involve interactive marketing on social media, picture portfolio and document sharing sites to optimize images for web searches. Having been in the industry for many years, they have removed some of the worst offenders from Google's Index and increased the client's site usability. The team works to remove negative images and content from the internet with the latest procedures, while optimizing with custom software.

Pictoguard is a leading search engine optimization firm NYC that helps the businesses to survive and maintain a steady posture in the online market. They generate traffic to the client's website with several visibility techniques and keep themselves up-to-date on new and emerging trends in the search optimization field. They understand that different search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc give rankings to online sites based on different criteria and thus, help clients in achieving high rankings with employing right techniques and strategies. To know more about their services, please browse through


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