March 22, 2013 in New York, NY

Over the past few years, effective use of social media techniques and tools has lifted up SEO services. As Search Engine Optimization is all about links, image and video optimization, content management and optimization of websites, social medial services helps share more business data. It is a fact that the search engine rankings either make you or break you. Social medial was initially used just to develop a brand and communicate it further to your customers. Today, it is also used more effectively to involve SEO services in a better way.

Social media affects Search Engine Optimization in many ways:

1) Personalized search - Many small and big businesses fail to realize that people see various search results even after entering same keywords or search queries. Generally the search results are based on geographical locations. If you are signed-in while searching on Google, you receive relevant results that have been +1’d by Google’s connections. Similarly, if you are signed-in on Facebook and search on Bing, you receive results that have been ‘liked’ by Facebook friends. If we want some suggestions or advice, we talk to our friends and relatives. Google has now incorporated the same approach in their search results. If you own a genuine product and implement healthy social media practices, it is likely that the product will be 1+’d, ‘liked’ and shown in the search results quickly than usual.

2) Social signals - Just like tailored search, concept of social signals is based on the links and content that is constantly shared on social media. This is based on the links and content that users share through social media with highest influence so that it can be shown on search engines. Gone are the days when the search engines used to judge about which search results are more relevant than others. Nowadays, web users perform this task! Social signals are one of the very important ranking criteria. Google studied the importance of social media and launched Google+.

3) Images - Image optimization is still a very important element of SEO. People enter their search queries and wait for the search engines to show perfect images. Improper optimization of images of your business website leads to lower ranking of the business site. Social media handles image optimization tasks smartly!

4) Videos - Promoting business videos is the latest trend. Video optimization is one of the SEO elements that social media takes care very beautifully.

 Ofcourse, there are many other ways in which social media affects Search Engine Optimization. In fact, social media and SEO work interdependently!


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