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What do you want to:
  • Improve?
  • Remove?
  • Promote?
  • Create?
  • Interact?


  • Discuss your specific goals, needs and concerns - (go over your Google results with you in person, Skype or phone).
  • Keyword competition analysis - to find out the best choice for you to optimize for (e.g. First name, last name, industry, country, misspellings).
  • Search and categorize the entire internet for negative URLs for your keyword (images and websites).
  • Search and categorize entire internet for positive URLs for your keyword (images and websites).
  • Social media positioning analysis (Facebook, twitter, blogs).
  • Custom online campaign recommendations for your brand/ keyword to understand scope of work required, pricing and packages so we can start improving your online image.






Can I do one part at a time to start slow or test your services? Yes, we welcome all clients with all varieties and sizes of cases. However, we do recommend that all removals be done at the same time to ensure better pricing for you and more effective visual branding.

Also the longer negative images are left out on the Internet the more they can spread virally and be more work (and more costly) to remove in the future.

How long does it take?
  • Removals from websites: From 1 week to 2 months
  • Removal from Google Cache: 2-3 months (1 month with expeditor programming)
  • Website Build or Rebuild: 4-8 weeks
  • Image Optimization (Image SEO): for Google Images
    • 2 months: start to see results appear
    • 3 months: 60% success
    • 4 months: 80% success
    • 6 months: should have attained 90% success in dominating your Google Image results with positive images.

* All of these time estimates are based on you providing us information and approvals in a timely manner.

Can we work together long distance?

With the Internet, Skype and telephones we service clients in Europe, Australia and the USA. Most of our clients are regular travellers and their cases are totally manageable. We can set times that work to discuss over Skype or the phone. Most of the time clients enjoy the ease and convenience of email.

How much of my time will it take?

Usually during the first few weeks we will gather information from you depending on what you require, such as:

  • Fill out a simple client kit with what you want to do with all essential details including website logins, job dates etc.
  • Removals: get copyright authorization signatures from clients or photographers.
  • Promotion: Provide us content, images and video you want to promote via or dropbox.
  • Website: provide content, images, videos and your social media links.

This should take no more than 2-3 hours of your time. After the first few weeks, sit back and let us make you LOOK GOOD ON GOOGLE.

Can I cancel at anytime?
  • Removals: Once we start removals the process takes time because of the legal and programming process, so we cannot cancel service until after a few months and several attempts if it is not possible to remove the content or image.
  • SEO: We recommend a 6 month campaign to allow Google to scan and cache the entire internet over at least 2 or 3 recycles of its 2-3 month robot search intervals. This will ensure we optimize for the best results and see them appear on searches. 6 months allows regular weekly optimization which rates much higher on Google's algorithm.
  • Maintenance: You can cancel the maintenance at anytime however please note that Google's algorithm rates updated, regularly traffic content very highly so over time if not maintained all the hard work of our campaigns will dissipate and leave space for other people to optimize for your name.
It's not urgent now, can I do it later?

The longer negative content is on the web the more likely it will spread virally and gain strength in search engine rankings. This will be more work (and more costly) to remove in the future. The quicker we set up and promote your positive website, content and images the better ranking it will get and maintain it against other competitors for your keyword long-term. This will also allow positive content to grow virally in your favor.

Can you remove press or paparazzi pictures?

Paparazzi and Press images are notoriously difficult to remove but we have had some success. We cannot guarantee removals compared to other images but we can start with the removal process and always offer a refund if we cannot remove an unwanted press image. Sometimes an extra fee may be required to pay the paparazzi photographer or license holder which we will advise you of.

Have you worked with clients who need content (text) removals or content (text) Search Engine Optimization?

Absolutely. We work with people from all industries and backgrounds including businessmen, property developers, writers, doctors and regular issues like people wanting to ensure a positive search result when applying for jobs, visas or educational institutions. This is done on a case by case retainer basis as each case is custom.

My friend wants to use your services too. Do you offer referal fees?

Pictoguard offers $100 cash or $200 for Pictoguard services for every new client you bring to Pictoguard that signs up for Website Development, SEO services or Reputation Management. This can pay for the services for yourself in the long run!






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